Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 2 of 100

It's day two of my Action Challenge and today I added a couple of things to my list.  I called or tried to call my Senators to ask them to vote against Betsy DeVos.  Personally I was hoping she would never make it out of committee but alas that didn't happen.  However, two Republican Senators who were on the committee are wavering so keep calling and writing.  I was only able to leave a message for one of my Senators after multiple calls and the other's line was busy (yep a real busy signal) or the mailbox was full.  I can only hope it was from people like me who were asking the Senator to vote no.   I will be continuing to call.

The second thing I did today was take a Fox News Poll.  Yes you read that right Fox News.  I think it is important that news organizations as well as our Congressmen and women hear all opinions.  However, if I never participate in polls and surveys conducted by organizations I don't follow or support how will they know what the other side thinks.  

If you listen to the mouth pieces of the administration you will hear them say things like "most people don't care about his tax returns".   I've heard it said so many times I almost didn't question it.  I started to blow it off as more alternative facts.  Then I started really looking at my Facebook feed and I realized how they could fool themselves into believing so many untruths.  It was the same way I believed there was no way Hillary could lose.  We have surrounded ourselves with people who only think like us, thus never truly hearing the other side.

It is also why I took this survey.  Fair warning it takes you to the Trump Pence website at the end it asks for an email -- I gave one I use for junk mail.  If we avoid the new sources that don't tell us what we want to hear they will also ignore our voices.   Think about it they have no reason not to.